How to Handle Road Rage

Dealing With Road Rage

While the automobile industry has made numerous advances in vehicle safety, the driving public has become less vigilant about their own mortality and that of everyone around them. When vehicles were no frill boxes on wheels, folks got in their cars and drove. They didn’t talk on the phone, put on makeup or watch DVDs. They drove cautiously and courteously and never made the news due to a traffic confrontation. It is a sure sign of recent social problems when drivers can become enraged enough to leave others hurt, or worse yet dead.

The speed of modern life has made us all a bit impatient and selfish. The last thing we want after a tedious day is to get stuck in traffic. Oh the irony that its called RUSH hour, when the only thing inching up is boiling points. Danger is among us on every roadway everyday. By being able to spot these 7 warning signs, we stand a much better chance of getting to our destination without incident.

Seven things to watch for

1) Boundary issues – Failing to keep two car lengths between vehicles.

2) Riding brakes – An impatient driver.

3) Multi-tasking – Mainly phones, TV’s and music.

4) Swerving – As if to bully the car ahead.

5) Mommy isn’t watching the road – Vehicles full of out of control children.

6) Failure to signal – Weaving in and out of lanes without warning.

7) Sunday Drivers – Yes , going too slow can also cause safety issues on our aggressive roads.

Every one of these scenarios is a confrontation just waiting to happen. Your best decision is to stay clear and get over safely. Try to put a some distance between you and the unfavorable odds. If you find yourself the object of a rager’s attention, do not let yourself get consumed in the moment. Get out of the way! Most crazys are likely in a big hurry and will continue on their destructive path without you.

If you cant’ shake an obsessive taunter and you have done everything to avoid the situation, use your cell phone to call 911. Drive to the most populated location you can find and stay inside your locked vehicle. If necessary, lay on the horn and make it obvious to others that this person is threatening you. Ask them to report the incident – Chances are they are already on it.

Its a much different world out there. Just be aware and when you see a situation that is hazardous – Steer Clear! Oh yes…..and happy driving!