How to Remove a Bumper Sticker

Removing A Bumper Sticker

There are lots of reasons why you might want to remove a bumper sticker from your car. Maybe you were an enthusiastic hunter who plastered your car bumper with stickers that glorified hunting and suddenly an animal hugging vegetarian one day. You certainly don’t want your car to be sending the wrong message about you. So if times have changed along with your preferences in bumper stickers, you need a way to get those offending phrases off of your car. Here’s how to remove a bumper sticker:

Ways to remove a bumper sticker

There are a variety of ways to remove a bumper sticker depending upon the supplies you have on hand. If you have a household lubricant such as WD-40 among your supplies, spray the bumper sticker thoroughly with it and allow it to set for several minutes. Use a course towel to rub away the paper. If the paper is difficult to remove, use a plastic credit card to scrape the surface until the sticker is removed. Be sure to use WD-40 only in areas with good ventilation.

If you don’t have WD-40 available, you can use heat to remove the offending bumper sticker. Use a heat source such as blow dryer to soften the adhesive beneath the bumper sticker by applying the hot air for several minutes. Once the adhesive has softened, try to pull away the edges of the bumper sticker. You may need to use a credit card to do some gentle scraping to get the bumper sticker off. Don’t scrape too aggressively or you can scratch your bumper.

Another easy way to remove a bumper sticker is to use a product called Sticker Shock, available at automotive supply stores. You simply spray this product on and the sticker can be removed without leaving a sticky residue. If you have this product available, this is probably the easiest method to use.

Clean up the remaining residual adhesive.

If you used one of the first two methods to take off your bumper sticker, you may be left with some sticky residue where the bumper sticker was removed. To eliminate this residue, apply a product called Goo Gone to a cloth and rub it over the area. It should rapidly dissolve any stickiness that remains. Another product that works for removal of the residual adhesive is acetone based nail polish remover. Be sure to test this on a portion of your bumper that doesn’t show before using it to make sure it won’t alter the color.

Remove any residual solvent.

Now that your bumper sticker and any residual adhesive are removed, you’ll want to wash your car bumper with soap and water to remove any remaining solvent.

Knowing how to remove bumper stickers can save you a lot of headache. To avoid future problems, look for magnetic bumper stickers that are much easier to remove from your bumper.